1. Why ExTool

Introduce the concept and key features of ExTool.
How to use and contribute to ExTool.

2. Our solutions

Demo of a few functions by ExTool.

3. Install/Uninstall

Download Setup file from website, install with/out Admin rights. Unlock the zip file before proceed. .NET 4.5 framework. If your computer does not have the .Net4.5 installed, you need to double click setup to install the plug in. The setup will automatically download and install the required .NET framework. However, you need to have administrator right to install the setup file. Currently, the add-in works with Excel 2013.
Close Excel. Go to Control Panel--Programs--Uninstall a program. Right click ExTool from list, select uninstall. Reopen the Excel and check, it should be removed correctly.

4. Registration

Register with new user account. Click confirm link within email to activate.
Forget password. Please provide your e-mail address, then go to your email to get your temporary password.
Change password

5. Intro for first use

Task Panel: Task pane includes two tabs: “Main” and “App”. Under “Main” tab, you can search apps, select properties, write app name into cell, get knowledgebase file, and run.
Customize App: You can see all your own apps in the window. You can do add, update, view, and delete on each app. You can share your apps with other ExTool users. You can also manage your sharing by users or by apps.
Customize Layout: You can add/edit/delete/import/export layout and add/edit/delete your Group.

6. Customize Layout

Add layout, Import, Export, and Delete
Add group, Rename, Delete
Add app
Import: You can import an existed layout by importing its zip file.
Export: You can back up your layout by exporting it as a zip file. Notice that, you can only back up one layout for one time.

7. Customize App

Add New App
Update App
View App
Delete App

8. Share App

Share app to other ExTool users: Make sure there is no space after the comma between two email addresses. Press “Ctrl” to select multiple apps.
Manage your sharing: Check share status by users or by apps. Stop sharing apps or with other users.


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