What is ParaTool?

- Spreadsheet-Interfaced Client End (rich function, dominating office software, best user data container)

- Cloud-Based (accessible worldwide)

- Search-Access (in comparison to static GUI)

- Crowd-Sourced (open platform for contribution and customization)

- SaaS Freemium Packages of:

Parametric Utility Software Library

Expert/Customized Knowledgebase Library

Get Started Today

1 Download

ExTool Newest Version(Compatible for MS Excel 2013 and later) InstallerDownload

2 Install

1. Open downloaded zip file Properties

2. Make sure "Unblock" checkbox is checked

3. Click on "Apply"

4. Click on "OK"

5. Unzip content

6. Run setup.exe to install ExTool. If the setup does not work, try the file with the extension of "vsto".

3 Open Excel

4 Sign in and Use

In Excel's top toolbar, click the "ExTool" tab. Sign in and get started.


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